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Exam Code: 70-480
Exam Name Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
Certification Provider: Microsoft
Corresponding Certifications: MCSD, MCSD: SharePoint Applications, MCSD: Web Applications, MCSD: Windows Store Apps, Microsoft Specialist: Visual Studio

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You have a webpage that includes the following markup and code:
You need to troubleshoot the code by clicking the Submit button.
Which value will be displayed?

A.    10
B.    20
C.    Undefined
D.    Runtime error

Answer: A

You develop an HTML5 webpage with custom CSS.
You have the following HTML markup:
<div class=”new” Item”>…</div>
You have the following requirements:
– In addition to your CSS, you must use a corporate branded stylesheet named corporate.ess.
– The corporate.ess file contains the style rule that must be used for .newsItem.
– You must use the corporate.ess file to ensure that the webpage changes when the brand changes.
– You must add additional style rules to the webpage.
– You cannot modify the corporate.ess file.
You need to apply the appropriate CSS rules to meet the requirements.
What should you do?

A.    Add a CSS class named .newsItemUpdates to the webpage, add only the new styles to this
class, and update the class attribute of the HTML markup:
<div class=nnewsltem newsItemUpdates”>..,</div>
B.    Update the corporate.ess file to include! important for each rule for the .newsItem. class, and
add the new CSS rules to the webpage by using the CSS class .newsItem.
C.    Add a CSS class named .newsitemUpdates to the webpage, add the new styles to this class,
and update the HTML markup to replace the .newsItem class with this new class:
<div class*”newsItemOpdates”>…</div>
D.    Add the new CSS rules to the webpage by using the CSS class .newsItem, and add!
important to each rule.

Answer: D

You are developing an e-commerce website. Users place products into a shopping cart.
You need to ensure that the shopping cart data is available between browser sessions.
Which object should you use to store the shopping cart data?

A.    clientStorage
B.    localStorage
C.    applicationStorage
D.    sessionStorage

Answer: B

You are creating a JavaScript object that represents a customer.
You need to extend the Customer object by adding the GetCommission method.
You need to ensure that all future instances of the Customer object implement the GetCommission method.
Which code segment should you use?

A.    Option A
B.    Option B
C.    Option C
D.    Option D

Answer: D

You develop an HTML5 webpage.
You have the following HTML markup:
You need to change the background color for all of the elements whose name attribute ends with the word name.
Which code segment should you add to the webpage?

A.    $ (‘input [name!=”name”]’) .ess ({ ‘background-color’ : ‘ #E0ECF8’}) ;
B.    ${‘input [name~=”name”] ‘) .ess ({ ‘background-color’ : ‘ #E0ECF8’ }) ;
C.    ${‘input[name*=”name”]’).ess({‘background=color’: #E0ECF8′});
D.    $( ‘input [name$=”name”] ‘) .ess ({ ‘background-color’ : ‘#E0ECF8’});

Answer: D

Hotspot Question
You are implementing an HTML page that uses a custom sans-serif font.
The CSS statement for the page is as follows.

Some users report that text is displayed in the default font for the browser.
You need to modify the CSS statement to ensure that the content is displayed with the custom font.
What should you do? (To answer, select the appropriate options from the drop-down lists in the answer area.)


You are developing a web application by using HTML5.
You have the following requirements.
– The color of a menu item must change when a user hovers over the item.
– The color of the menu item must change back to its original color after five seconds.
You need to ensure that the animation is applied to all menu items.
Which CSS3 code should you use?

A.    Option A
B.    Option B
C.    Option C
D.    Option D

Answer: C

You want to embed a Flash file called myFlash.swf in your HTML document.
Which is the most appropriate code?

A.    <a href=”myFlash.swf” ></a>
B.    <iframe src=”myFlash.swf” ></iframe>
C.    <img src=”myFlash.swf” />
D.    <embed src=”myFlash.swf” ></embed>

Answer: D

You want to create a drawing of a machine that Contoso, Ltd., will be selling on its website.
The drawing will be embedded in your HTML document, and you want it to maintain its quality when resized.
Which is the most appropriate file type to use?

A.    SVG
B.    GIF
C.    JPG
D.    PNG

Answer: A

Your application prompts the user to enter his or her age, which is placed in an age variable.
A user ran the application and entered I Don’t Know for the age.
The application then multiplies age by two.
What is the result?

A.    undefined
B.    null
C.    NaN
D.    infinity

Answer: C

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