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Where do you configure users so that they cannot access resources that belong to other organizations?

A.    roles
B.    domain separation
C.    locals
D.    VDCs

Answer: C

What is the correct procedure to change Ethernet switching modes?

A.    Navigate to the subordinate Fabric Interconnect in the GUI, choose “Set Ethernet Switching mode”, wait for it to come back up, and repeat on the primary FI.
B.    Navigate to either Fabric Interconnect in the GUI, choose “Set Ethernet Switching mode”, and wait while both FIs reboot simultaneously.
C.    Navigate to either Fabric Interconnect in the GUI and transparently update the mode to switching. Repeat on the other Fabric Interconnect.
D.    Simply start using the switching features. The Fabric Interconnect automatically reconfigures to use Ethernet Switching Mode.

Answer: B

Which power policy should be chosen to maximize the performance of a Cisco UCS system with four PSUs and eight blades?

A.    non-redundant
B.    N+1
C.    grid
D.    performance

Answer: C

Which option describes why the service profiles do not inherit changes from the template?

A.    The service profile is not compatible with the changes.
B.    The changes to the template have not been committed.
C.    It is an initial template.
D.    The service profile has disabled inheritance.

Answer: C

Which statement about Cisco UCS version compatibility is true?

A.    All bundles (A, B, and C) must be the same version.
B.    The B and C bundles must be the same revision.
C.    The A bundle can be one revision higher than the B/C bundles.
D.    The B/C bundles can be one revision higher than the A bundles.

Answer: C

Which feature on the Cisco IMC GUI allows you to view the last boot post operation?

A.    Firmware Management tab
B.    Bootstrap Process Recording
C.    Crash Recording
D.    Trusted Platform Module

Answer: B

Which option is a valid file extension for a CIMC configuration file?

A.    .xml
B.    .json
C.    .txt
D.    .exe
E.    .zip

Answer: A

Which three components are updated using the Host Upgrade Utility? (Choose three.)

A.    BIOS
B.    Network Adapter(s)
C.    Array Controller
D.    Cisco IMC
E.    LOM port
F.    UCSM
G.    Drive Firmware

Answer: ABD

Which option causes an operating system on a UCS device to consistently crash several minutes after booting?

A.    faulty power supply
B.    out-of-date network adapter firmware
C.    incompatible operating system driver
D.    incorrect boot order
E.    disabled trusted platform module

Answer: C

Which two statements about configuring a traffic monitoring session are true? (Choose two.)

A.    You can set a local VM as a traffic destination.
B.    You can have up to two active monitoring sessions simultaneously.
C.    An unlimited number of monitoring session can be stored.
D.    A newly created monitoring session is enabled by default.
E.    A destination port can also be a source port within the same session.
F.    A vHBA can be a source for either an Ethernet or Fibre Channel monitoring session, but not both.

Answer: BF


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