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What are the two most common causes of the “SFP validation failed” error on an interface when you attempt to connect a Cisco Nexus 2148T Fabric Extender to a Cisco Nexus 5548UP Switch? (Choose two).

A.    The incorrect license has been applied on the Cisco Nexus 5548UP.
B.    The port must be in switchport monitor mode.
C.    The wrong speed is configured on the interface.
D.    The wrong switchport mode is configured on the interface.
E.    It is a hardware limitation of the Cisco Nexus 2148T.

Answer: CD

What are three situations that may cause an ISSU failure? (Choosethree.)

A.    A module is removed while the upgrade is in progress.
B.    A proper ISSU license is not in place.
C.    The device has a power disruption while the upgrade is in progress.
D.    A line card is in a failure state.
E.    The specified system and kickstart images are not compatible.
F.    The management interface is not in the correct VRF.
G.    The secondary supervisor is not installed.
H.    The redundancy force-switchover command was used during the ISSU.

Answer: CDE

On the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch, what could be the reason why the (config- vlan)#private-vlan primary command fails?

A.    The VLAN does not exist.
B.    The interface is in the wrong VRF.
C.    There are not enough resources on the VDC.
D.    The PVLAN feature is not enabled.
E.    The VLAN is a secondary VLAN.
F.    You are using a reserved VLAN ID

Answer: D

A customer has two data centers. In both data centers, the customer has two Cisco Nexus 7000 switches. For redundancy the customer implemented HSRP and vPC. The customer implemented OTV to extend VLAN 325 between data centers and the customer has one default gateway over the four Cisco Nexus 7000 switches. The customer attempts HSRP filtering over the DCI link with HSRP group 325. Which MAC address should be filtered over the DCI network?

A.    0000.0c9f.f145
B.    0000.0C07.A145
C.    001e.0C9F.F145
D.    001e.0C07.A145

Answer: A

Which two conditions can prevent FCoE from functioning properly across a link? (Choose two.)

A.    LLDP is disabled.
B.    The VSAN trunking protocol was enabled.
C.    The VFC interface is down.
D.    DCBX is enabled on the device.
E.    PFC was negotiated across the link.

Answer: AC

Why do the lists not contain the same switches after you issue the commands show cfs peers name and show cfs merge status?

A.    The fabric is partitioned into multiple Cisco Fabric Services fabrics.
B.    The merge cannot occur until the VSAN IDs are synched.
C.    A Cisco Fabric Services database lock has prevented the merge.
D.    Cisco Fabric Services need to be restarted to see the new switches.
E.    The Cisco Fabric Services fabric has a physical port fault that should be investigated.

Answer: A

Why do color blocking logic counters increment while the unidirectional packet flow is troubleshoot in a FabricPath topology?

A.    FabricPath switch IDs are overlapped in the current topology.
B.    A FabricPath loop has been detected.
C.    VLANs are being blocked due to missing FabricPath VLANs.
D.    One of the switches in the topology has gone down.

Answer: C

You apply a new CoPP profile to a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series, and it stops responding to ping requests. Which option should you check?

A.    Server SO
B.    SVI that is associated with the server subnet
C.    ACL that is associated with the CoPP profile applied
D.    CoPP counters

Answer: C

Which two commands are used to determine the CoPP profile used on Cisco Nexus 7000 Series? (Choose two)

A.    #show running-config copp
B.    #show copp status
C.    #show policy-map interface control-plane
D.    #show copp profile
E.    #show copp diff profile

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit. You configure a vPC between two Cisco Nexus 7010 Switches.
The peer link will not come up. What is the problem?

A.    The role priority must be the same.
B.    The system priority must be the same.
C.    The vPC domain numbers must be different.
D.    The configuration is incorrect.

Answer: B


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