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Exam Code: 1Y0-301
Exam Name: Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions
Certification Provider: Citrix
Corresponding Certification: CCP-V

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Which step can a Citrix Engineer take to reduce logon times when using Citrix Profile Management?

A.    Use offline files
B.    Use Personal vDisk
C.    Disable profile streaming
D.    Implement folder redirection

Answer: D

Which step should a Citrix Engineer take to ensure that profile changes are NOT saved to a Personal vDisk when using Citrix Profile Manager?

A.    Use WMI query to set User Profile Redirection to False.
B.    Use PowerShell to set User Profile Redirection to None.
C.    Use the registry editor to set EnableUserProfileRedirection to 0.
D.    Use Citrix Profile Manager group policy to set Enable User Profile Redirection to Disabled.

Answer: C

What would a Citrix Engineer need to configure in order to minimize the performance impact to a XenServer resource pool while provisioning virtual desktops?

A.    Reduce bandwidth throttling in an HDX policy.
B.    Create a dedicated Machine Catalog Administrator.
C.    Modify the host connection settings in Citrix Studio.
D.    Edit service account role permissions in XenCenter.

Answer: C

Which two statements are true regarding what is required when adding a new XenServer host to a heterogeneous XenServer resource pool? (Choose two.)

A.    The host hardware must be identical.
B.    The CPU of the joining host must support hyper-threading.
C.    The server joining the pool is running the same version of XenServer and hotfixes.
D.    The features of the older CPUs must be a sub-set of the features of the CPUs of the server joining the pool.

Answer: CD

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to configure iSCSI based shared storage for XenServer with multi-pathing. The iSCSI SAN has two targets: one on subnet 10.10.10.x and one on subnet 10.10.20.x.
How should the engineer configure iSCSI-based shared storage for XenServer with multi-pathing?

A.    Create two virtual private networks.
B.    Create management interfaces on each storage subnet.
C.    Create VLAN tagging on two NICs attached to the iSCSI networks.
D.    Create a bonded network for bonded NICs across all storage subnets.

Answer: B

Scenario: The current XenServer pool master needs to be retired. A Citrix Engineer is preparing to transfer the pool master role to another host.
Which command should the engineer run to transition the pool master role to a different host in the resource pool that is in a running state?

A.    xe pool-recover-slaves
B.    xe pool-designate-new-master
C.    xe pool-emergency-reset-master
D.    xe pool-emergency-transition-to-master

Answer: B

Which PowerShell cmdlet will reset StoreFront to the initial factory settings once the StoreFront server is removed from an existing server group?

A.    Clear-DSConfiguration
B.    Clear-WebConfiguration
C.    Remove-SFServiceMetadata
D.    Remove-SFServerFromCluster

Answer: A

Which two steps should a Citrix Engineer take to ensure that StoreFront traffic is encrypted? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable SecureICA for the virtual desktops.
B.    Modify the website bindings to use HTTPS.
C.    Configure NetScaler Gateway for ICA proxy.
D.    Import a certificate in the IIS Management console.

Answer: BD

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to configure external access to resources hosted on Server OS machines. The engineer has configured a NetScaler Gateway vServer and bound a certificate for On the StoreFront server the engineer specified the callback URL of
NetScaler IP =
Subnet IP =
NetScaler Gateway VIP =
StoreFront VIP =
The engineer needs to validate that the address resolves to __________ and that the certificate bound to __________ is trusted by the StoreFront server. (Choose the correct set of options to complete the sentence.)


Answer: D

Which two pieces of information does a Citrix Engineer need in order to join additional StoreFront servers to an existing server group? (Choose two.)

A.    Name of the existing StoreFront server
B.    The base URL of the original StoreFront server
C.    The security key from the existing StoreFront server
D.    Authentication code from the existing StoreFront server
E.    Local administrator access on the original StoreFront server

Answer: AD

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